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Women Aware celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2014!  We were formally organized as an Iowa non-profit corporation in 1979.  We were formed to serve the needs of displaced homemakers, a growing population in the 70's that was unfamiliar with navigating public and private services tthat would lift their family out of poverty.



1985 - Our first Women of Excellence banquet and awards ceremony.

1988 - Women Aware admitted as an agency member of the United Way of Siouxland.


2005 - The certification scholarship program established with United Way's Women's Power Lunch Committee.


2006 - We moved to our current offices in the Commerce Building.


2006 - We sponsored our first bike ride event, Wheeling for Women Aware.


2008 - Women Aware designated by the Waitt Foundation to administer the Waitt Single Parent Scholarship program.


2011 - The United Way Women's Power Lunch has become the sole sponsor of the Single Parent College Scholarships!  We will continue our role as the program adminstrator and we welcome this partnership that will keep these scholarships available to Siouxland single parents.

Helping Hands

Please consider donating your clothing items to the Boys & Girls Home This and That Stuff Thrift Store at 1551 Indian Hills Drive Suite 10. Women Aware gives qualified clients a clothing voucher which allows clients to purchase items for a job interview, office work clothes, or even parts of a uniform they need, such as pants, shirts, or even shoes.

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